तेज प्रताप ने खोला एक और गुप्त राज,ऐश्वर्या का ये सच नहीं जानते होंगे आप

तेज प्रताप ने खोला एक और गुप्त राज,ऐश्वर्या का ये सच नहीं जानते होंगे आप

In the family of Lalu, no one is taking the name of pompousness. Laloo's eldest son, Pratap, has opened a front against his wife Aishwarya and is still stuck on the insistence of divorces even after explaining to the family. Sharp Pratap is going to make new disclosures about every day. Recently they have made another big disclosure. Sharp Pratap also opened the secret of two dirty habits of wife Aishwarya which was hidden from the world.

The disclosure that Sharp Pratap has revealed is extremely important. She told that on May 12, both of them got married and on 13 May, Aishwarya had insisted on honeymoon. He told that Aishwarya wanted to go to Bali, while Sharp Pratap had refused to go to such a place referring to being religious. Both of them began to compromise on this matter.

Sharp Pratap has told two great truths related to Aishwarya that were hidden from the world till now. Sharad told about the two dirty habits of Aishwarya that were the kings. The fastest thing that Aishwarya, who wrote Delhi's first dirty habit, is a fondness for her drinking. Yes, the fastest claim that he is fond of drinking. Another dirty habit has been described as smoking his cigarette. Tej says that he is fond of cigarettes and alcohol

Sharp Pratap, who has filed a divorce application in Patna court, will hear the case on November 29. On this day, there will be no convincing reason for fasting. However, in this case, Sharad's father-in-law and his wife Aishwarya made simple silence. Nobody has responded