इस लड़की के साथ बिस्तर पर आकर सो जाता है कोबरा सांप फिर सुबह जो होता है ...

People sit in the temple for hours and keep the meditation of God and seek the blessings of grace. But there are some such people in the world too. On whom special mercy is maintained without doing anything without God. Today, you are going to tell an example of Bhagwan's grace that you will be forced to think after knowing about it. Today you are going to tell about Devendra Kaur alias Rinkie, who lives in Krishna Nagar, Delhi.

Which is alive even after sleeping with a snake twice. This lady said that for the first day all members of her family went to the airport leaving the brother going abroad. But when he opened his eyes at 8:00 in the morning, he saw that a 4-ft white snake was sleeping on the bed with him. During this he was very scared but gave the information to his family. The brother who had gone away from home to leave the airport
The relatives returned and saw that the snake was still sleeping on the daughter's bed. After this, the families called the snake rescue team and handed them away and left them far away. But after a few days, the snake came and fell asleep in her bed. Although the snake was sleeping comfortably with the girl, after making a noise, the snake began to fuming, raising his own fan
Instead of hitting again, he was left in the field. This young woman told that she had realized something of her bed twice in the night. But because of more night he got more light and did not burn light and saw snake in the morning. But it was a mistake that the snake did not harm any of the young women.