एक IAS ऑफिसर को मिलती हैं ये सरकारी सुविधाएं जिन्हे देखकर आपके होश उड़ जा...

All you need to know about the IAS (Indian Administrative Service). It is considered the largest exam in the country. And we are going to talk about this today. Every year lakhs of students prepare for this exam. All you need to know about salaries. But we are going to talk about government services which are given to an IAS in addition to salaries. Let's know about it-

Home: Let me tell you that an IAS Officer is given by a Quarter Government in a Porsche area or VVIP area. Whether they are posting in any district or place, this facility is given to them.

Service Quarter: In addition to a home in the state capital, IAS officers are given a service quarter instead of their postings (the respective district headquarters).

Transportation: At least 1 and maximum 3 official vehicles are provided to IAS officers, along with the driver. The government gives whatever petrol is spent on these trains.

Security: High security is given to IAS officers and their families. Generally, officers posted in state headquarters are provided 3 home guards and 2 bodyguards. STF commandos can also be prepared for their safety in the danger of their lives. They can increase their security according to their need.

Bills: Unlike the employees of the private company, IAS officials do not have to pay a bills for the general household services they use. For example, electricity is free from heavy subsidy for its official residence. Similarly, they are allocated free BSNL SIM cards, which have free talktime, SMS and internet services. They are given free BSNL landline connection and broadband connection at home only on government expenditure.

Trips: For both official and non-official trips, IAS officers can enjoy subsidized housing in various states in the circuit house, government bungalows or other households.

Domestic employees: Domestic employees are also provided with an IAS officer for work from home.

LEAVE FOR EDUCATION: IAS officers are given study leave for 2-4 years. Under this, the IAS officers can take up to 4 years of leave to study in a prestigious foreign university. Whose cost burden will be raised by the government.