दोस्त के पापा ने किया बेइज्जत तो रिक्शावाले का बेटा बना IAS ऑफिसर देख सब...

There are many people in the world who live at the forefront of joking but many realize that they are joking that they can ever get ahead of us. We are going to tell you the same story today where the son of a rickshawala If the IAS officer returns home, then let us tell you the whole thing.

In fact, Narayan Jaiswal is a rickshaw driver, he has 3 daughters and a son, from the health of his wife to the daughters' marriage expenses, Narayan ji has left only one rickshaw in 20, where he used to teach his son Govind. It was so bad that he had to stay on the rental house; not only did father and son ever have to have a happy roti. Actually Govind had decided in his heart that he was big IAS officer will be made
But people taunted Govind and his father about this matter, after finishing the graduation, Govind went to Delhi for the Civil Services in 2007, where he started teaching tuition for his children, Govind had already done the IAS in the year 2007. Let's tell you that his place was in the 48th rank, Govind did not realize where he is today due to his father. Ia I am the son of a rikshawala