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Under this scheme you can get your account every month without doing anything from 2000 to 3000 rupees

Do not shout! Trust your eyes. You have read right. You can come to your account every month without doing anything in the new year 2000 to 3000 rupees! The Narendra Modi government of BJP can bring a plan just before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, which will make every person feel a good day and the opposition parties will be seen in the political arena. From a political perspective, this revolutionary scheme of the Modi government can prove to be 100 percent game changer during the elections. Do you know which such a big plan, which Modi government can use as a Brahmin? When and how will this plan apply
Yes. The Narendra Modi government is preparing to jump into the electoral arena with a scheme called 'Universal Basic Income'. The trial of this scheme has also been done. After getting positive results, Modi government is gossip and with great gravity, implementing this plan can establish a new milestone in the politics of the country and keep the life of common man alive.
Under the 'Universal Basic Income' scheme, every citizen of the country will be given Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 per month. The government will transfer a fixed amount directly to the bank accounts of all those citizens who have no means of income. It will include poor, unemployed, laborers and farmers. There is also a possibility that a similar scheme will be implemented separately from the farmers, which will be compensated for the loss of the farmers who sell the crop at a lower cost. Whatever amount will be given to compensate the loss, it will be transferred directly to the farmers' bank account.
It is learned that the PMO will soon meet with different Ministries regarding this plan, seriously considering the implementation of the plan. Suggestions from all the ministries have also been invited for this. Modi government can announce this revolutionary plan in new year's budget
The 'Universal Basic Income' scheme was first suggested by Professor Guy Standing of London University. Under his leadership, a pilot project was started for five years in 8 villages near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. As a trial, this project was started between 2010 and 2016 between the 6,000 population of these villages. Then 500 rupees were deposited in the bank accounts of the villagers every month. 150 bucks were deposited in the account of the children. It is claimed that in these five years most of the villagers have increased income after this. This has benefited the villagers very much and this plan was very liked
The 'Universal Basic Income' scheme is going to attract everyone. Internationally, both right-wing and left-wing economists have been supporting the Universal Basic Income Scheme. He believes that this scheme can prove to be very helpful for the countries with the highest inequality in income like India. But, it is certain that the Universal Basic Income Scheme can prove to be not only economically-socially 'game-changer' but the Modi Government can take a great deal of political advantage. Just as the employment guarantee scheme has brought political advantage to the UPA, this plan can also directly benefit political and NDA government.