शादी की पहली रात दूल्हा था उताबला पर घूंघट उठाते ही दुल्हन का चेहरा देख ...

A big case of fraud has emerged in Uttar Pradesh from the name of marriage. On the first night of marriage in the Unnaam district, the truth came out in front of the groom, knowing that the groom's senses were blown away. The matter went straight to the police

The case is from the village of Unnao, where the bride's departure was done on December 19. When he came home, on the first night of marriage, when a young man named Mukesh raised his veil, he was astonished. The bride was actually a kidnapper. After that, he became angry
When Mukesh talked about the fraud about his marriage to his family, he also got angry. After this the matter reached the in-laws' house. However the in-laws said that they are now married. After this the boys unnao reached the police. Police tried to reconcile between the two but have not yet reconciled