संसार में केवल मनुष्य ही सो सकते हैं अपनी इच्छा से वजह जानकर हो जायेंगे ...

It is also difficult to imagine how wonderfully things in this world are. There is no two opinion in this matter that man is different from all creatures, because the brain of the beggar creatures like elephants only man's brain increases. And this is the reason that man is different from other creatures.

Man's gold

Apart from this there are many such things that other creatures can not do or that humans can do it best. But do you know that a person can do something that other creatures can not do? So that's gold. You must be shocked to hear this, but it is true that a man can sleep with his own wish.

Can sleep anywhere

Sometimes you may have noticed that some animals went to sleep and caused an accident due to their sleep. If not then it happens. Because of their unwillingness to sleep, animals sometimes fall asleep in such a way that they become deadly.

Middle Brain

It has a great deal of control over the human brain. One example of this is that the coitus of animals is for a fixed time but in humans it is the whole year in any season and time.


According to science, there are 46 chromosomes in humans, which makes it the most intelligent among all creatures. There is no such thing as any other than a human being. Human beings require more hormones and sleep than all creatures, which can also be called weakness of human beings.

X Karomosom (chromosome)

Yes, in some cases, man sometimes goes to sleep against his will, and this often happens when man has not slept for many days or has been tired of doing too much work. It is an indication of the loss of desire in animals that the animals are exhausted from doing excessive work and this leads to the hormone named melatonin in their brain and they fall asleep.


Melatonin hormone is responsible for sleeping in humans and other animals. And we get to sleep through its secretion. But in spite of this, the human brain has developed in such a way that it can control the hormone and sleep it voluntarily