इस हिन्दू लड़के ने इस मुस्लिम लड़की की बचाई थी जान लेकिन बाद में जो हुआ ...

This incident belongs to Kolhapur Maharashtra. This incident taught me a lot. Ramesh Gupta was a resident of Kolhapur and was studying BTech from Mumbai. On November 22, 2018 Ramesh came out of Mumbai to his house

Ramesh was coming from his own motorcycle. On the way, on the Mumbai Highway, he saw that some people were pulling a girl and putting them in a ben. Ramesh was a young man When he saw all this, his blood cluttered and he went to the van and started saving the girl. There were three people in the van. Ramesh got upset with those people. Ramesh struggled with them for a long time. When the people thought that now it is difficult to compete with this boy, then they have fired bullets on Ramesh. Those people ran away with the van, but Ramesh was badly injured. Ramesh gave information to his family with the help of that girl and reached the Yamuna Hospital from the Ambulance Department of Health Department. That girl's name was Ashima. Ashima was a resident of Vashi and was shopping on that day from Innovative goods.
Ashima's father Akhtar Ansari runs a plastic factory. Ramesh's life survived but at the time of the FIR, Ashima turned down and refused to accept any accident. Ramesh was very sad and wanted to punish those people, but Ashima did not support him. When Ramesh pressed Ashima to tell the truth to the police, then his father threatened to kill Ramesh only. Ramesh was completely broken
He did not even dream in the dream that the person he is being saved will betray him. Although Ramesh filed an FIR but nothing has happened in it so far. Ramesh is still not completely healthy but Ramesh has surely learned that he will not risk his life for some unknown in the future. Ramesh's bullets will surely get wounded but the scourge of deceit given by Ashima will not fill his entire life.