प्रधानमन्त्री मोदी ने कहा कांग्रेस ने किसानों को कर्जमाफी के नाम पर थमाय...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived on Saturday on a tour of Ghazipur. He issued a postage stamp on Maharaj Suheldev here. He also laid the foundation stone of Medical College in Ghazipur. During this, PM Modi said that our government does not make plans for votes. Our government does not make announcements for votes. We have changed the tradition of lace cutting. PM Modi also targeted Congress. He said that Congress had promised debt waiver to millions of farmers in Karnataka, but only 800 farmers have been forgiven for the debt. During this, Uttar Pradesh Governor Ramnayak and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath were also present.

The PM said, "How is this game, how cheated?" What happened to the promise of Congress debt forgiveness? Congress made false promises of debt waiver from farmers Congress made false promises of debt waiver from farmers Congress has given the lollipop of lies to the farmers instead of debt waiver. Be cautious with lollipop-catching companies. Be cautious with the false promises of Congress. '

He said that the Congress promised a debt waiver of farmers of Rs 6 lakh crore and gave only 60 thousand crores of rupees. Not only this, when the report of the CAG came in, 35 lakh rupees were received from those people who were neither farmers, they had a debt or they were entitled to debt waiver.

He said that during my stay today in Uttar Pradesh, several important steps will be taken to make Purvanchal the country's largest medical hub, to form an important center of research related to agriculture and to strengthen UP's small scale industries. He said that postal stamp was released in memory of Maharaj Suheldev ji in his memory. These postage stamps will reach the country's house in the number of millions through post office across the country.

PM Modi said that Maharaj Suheldev has been among the heroes of the country who fought for the honor of Mother Bharati. The heroes like Mahārāj Suhdev, whom every deprived, every oppressed, takes inspiration, remembers them, even with everyone, gives the mantra of all development and strength. PM Modi said that our government is doing the work of submitting to every such heroic hero of the country, which the previous governments did not give full respect to. The central government's firm determination is that those who have contributed to the uplift, social life of India, their memory will not be missed.

Prime Minister Modi said that with the formation of a medical college this field will get modern medical facilities, new and brilliant doctors will also be ready in Ghazipur. When this college becomes ready at a cost of about 250 crores, then Ghazipur district hospital will be of 300 beds.