चंद्रबाबू नायडू का ऐलान अब 'दो से ज्यादा बच्चा पैदा करने पर मिलेगा इन्से...

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has announced that in the state the couple who produce more than two children will be given an incentive. At the same time, Naidu has abolished the rules for preventing the election of those who have created more than two children in local body elections.

Naidu has taken action against the rules of family planning by making this announcement. Explaining the reasons behind this announcement, Naidu said that in the last 10 years, 1.6 percent of the population has declined in the state. He said that the number of mouths that will remain to eat will also be to earn as much money.

Issuing a white paper on human resource development, the Chief Minister said that this is the right time to balance the population. It may not be that in the next two decades, people who eat in the state will be more and their hands-on work should be reduced. In the state, youth below 25 years of age are about 50 percent of the total population. Only young people will get a young representation in the state. However, during his announcement, he did not specify how much incentive the couple would get.