ये है सुपरस्टार अजय देवगन का भाई बॉलीवुड में रहकर भी नहीं बन पाया स्टार ...

Friends, you know the Bollywood singer Ajay Devgan. Ajay Devgan has acted in hits from Bollywood comedy to action films. Ajay Devgan's Bollywood is also called Action Superstar. Ajay Devgan knows everything, but today we are going to talk about his brother.

Ajay Devgan's brother's name is Anil Devgan. Anil Devgan is the younger brother of Ajay Devgan. He is not a famous Bollywood actor in place of his brother. But in his area he is no less than a star. He was born in Mumbai only. You can see the picture of Ajay Devgan's brother.

Anil Devgan looks very normal in appearance. There was no desire in his acting. So he has worked in Bollywood, but as a writer and director. Ajay Devgan has worked with his brother as director in films such as Raju Chacha, Hal A Dil and Blackmail.

Friends Anil Devgan is a very quiet man with nature. Even if he does in Bollywood, he could not achieve the status of his brother. What do you have to say about them? You can tell us in the comment box below.