राममन्दिर जैसे विवाद के बाद भी अयोध्या के संतों ने दी आवाज़ मुसलमानो के ल...

In order to preserve the Ganga Jamuni tehzib of Ramnagri Ayodhya, the sadhus saints of Ayodhya have come back once again.The Sadhus saints of Ayodhya have assured the people of the Muslim community in Ayodhya that they do not need to be scared. As long as there are saints and temples in Ayodhya, the Muslim community here is completely safe and if any Muslim brother is afraid of an organization's program, then he can live in the temples of Ayodhya, the door of the temples of Ayodhya Are open to every section of society. Regarding the statement of Ayodhya migrating to Muslim parties Iqbal Ansari, in view of the Vishwaas and Sangh's Virat Dharm Sabha program in Ayodhya on November 25, the saints were assured that Iqbal Ansari or other Muslims of Ayodhya should be afraid of anyone. Not needed. Sages and saints have opened the door of their ashram for the Ayodhya Muslims.

Due to the VHP and Shiv Sena's Ayodhya Let's Program, the Babri issue was raised on the Muslim community.

Whereas, on one side, the Sadhus saints of Ayodhya have assured the people of the Muslim community for safety, the Mayor of Ayodhya Municipal Corporation has also said that if Iqbal Ansari feels insecure, the door of the mayor's house is open to him. He can freely live with his family in his house. Let us say that on 25th November the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Vishwaat Dharam Sabha program which took place in Ayodhya's larger Bhaktmal and the Muslim party, Iqbal Ansari, about the security of Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray on November 24 in Laxman Fort Had not given them protection, they would leave Ayodhya before November 25. After which the response of the sadhus saints of Ayodhya has come that no one needs to leave Ayodhya. Mahanta Raj Kumar Das, officer of Ram Vallabha Kunj, said that the Muslim Brothers should not be scared, no event will happen to anybody with any problem. Ayodhya - Faizabad Ganga Jamuni is the city of Tahajib, the city of Lord Ram. No one here needs to be scared. Although the district administration has increased the security of Iqbal Ansari, after which Iqbal Ansari praised the government and said that still the control of the crowd in Ayodhya is necessary.