लोगों ने इसको जीव को समझा सांप जब सच्चाई सामने आई तो लोगों के पैरो तले ज...

Occasionally we see something that looks simple in appearance. But do not believe when his truth comes out. Many living creatures look like snakes. Which are extremely dangerous. Today we are going to tell you a similar case that people thought the fish was a snake

But when people came to know the truth about him, the ground under their feet slipped. Because it was not a snake but a wiper shark. The wiper shark is so dangerous that it can harm anyone. This is such a shark which was finally caught in 1986. This shark has special significance that it takes the teeth out of its jaws. For information please tell that according to an official of Taiwan's Fisheries Research Institute
The shark teeth are more sharp than the needle. This can be done by taking out the teeth and damaging the animal too many times. This shark was first caught in Japan's Shikoku Island in 1986. Since then, its scientific name was Trigonognathus kabeyai.
Seeing its scary look, its name is known as Alien Fish and it is also known as Hell's Fish. Surprising thing is that it stays in the depth of one to one and a half thousand feet in water. Scientists say that nobody knows anything about it