जियो ने नये ऑफर से फिर से उड़ा दिए सबके होश 31 दिसंबर से पहले करवा ले री...

A bustling offer has been launched in the telecom market by the Reliance Geo Company. This offer of Geo will be available only from December 25 to December 31. By the way, you must know that the Reliance Geo Company is known to offer great offers from the beginning. But in this offer of Geo, you will get 3.2TB data and huge benefit of free ₹ 4900 for live customers.

Prior to the arrival of the Reliance Geo Company, no company in the telecom market did not make anything available for free, but a new trend has been started in the telecom market by Reliance Jai Company. Now the Reliance Geo Company is offering its offer with every new launch smartphone. Under which a large benefit is made available to customers who purchase that new smartphone.

Under this offer of Geo, if the customer gets recharge of 198 ₹ or 299 को, then they will first get a cashback of 1800. This cashback will be made available to customers in the form of vouchers, which will include 36 vouchers of ₹ 50. In addition, live customers will be credited to Jio money of Rs. 1800. For which, it is mandatory for customers to recharge Rs 198 or Rs 299.

Not only this, this offer of live does not end here, but the offer is available to the customers in free 3.2GB of data. Apart from this, live customers will get instant cashback of 1300 गा in this offer. You will be able to avail this instant cashback from Geo to book a hotel or flight via the client's make-money trip. It is clear that through this offer, the customers will be made available to the customers for a total of 4900 free of cost.

This new offer from Reliance Jio will be made available with the Oppo 17 smartphone, recently launched by Oppo company. The smartphone which has been re-launched by the company on Amazon India from December 24. Today is 25th December and Geo's offer is going to be a big hit from December 25 to December 31. The reason is that the offer of the Reliance Geo Company is only available till December 31, after which this offer of Geo will be over.