3 इडियट्स के रियल इंजीनियर 'वांगडू' का नया कारनामा आया सामने कार से कर ड...

Aamir Khan superhit film Three Idiots, you all will remember. In this film, Aamir played the role of Phungsuk Wangdoo engineer who was inspired by AK Real Story. The real name of the engineer Amir played was Sonam Wangchuk. Recently Sonam Wangchuk's new feat has come up, which you might not believe in seeing your eyes. Explain that Wangchuk has constructed a roof by car using Mahindra's carriage

Its photos are becoming increasingly viral on social media. This information was given by Mahindra Company CEO Anand Mahindra on his social account. While sharing the pictures, he said, 'My friend Sonam has shared these pictures of Himalayan Institute of Alternatives of Ladakh in Wangchuk. They have built the roof of the house with a Mahindra car. He further said that no one can ever be bad at this institute.
As you can see in these photographs, the Mahindra car has been fitted with the house in such a way that the roof of the house was covered and the car was also visible. The doors of this car can be easily closed. At the main entrance of the house, the car's number plate is applied. If you look at this house from a distance, it will look like this car has accidentally climbed onto the roof of this house. This post of Anand Mahindra turned viral on the social media. User wangchuk praised this work on social media