सऊदी अरब के ऊर्जा मंत्री का बड़ा खुलासा कहा पीएम मोदी मिले 3 बार मगर करते...

India is getting good news on crude oil due to the active foreign policy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.India, Saudi Arabia's biggest supplier of crude oil, has clearly said that while deciding to cut crude oil production, India's Prime Minister Narendra Will consider the opinion of Modi. Considering the reduction in meeting production of crude oil producing countries. Interestingly, the Saudi Arabian minister was questioned about the suggestions of US President Trump, but he directly took the name of the PM Modi.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia's energy minister Khalid al-Falih said "The things of Indian PM Narendra Modi will also be considered. Prime Minister Modi keeps his thoughts firmly and he is concerned about Indian consumers. "

India is the third largest country in the world using oil. India is dependent on imports to meet 80% of its energy needs. Under the leadership of PM Modi, world leaders asked OPEC to fix the fair and accountable price of crude oil.

Khalil Al Falih said in a meeting of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) meeting in the meeting, "We take the views of Prime Minister Narendra Modi seriously, who (as US President Donald Trump) has been vocal on this issue. We met him in Buenos Aires during the G20 conference. Personally he kept his issues very firmly that he takes care of Indian consumers and is very serious about it. I have seen him in three energy programs in India, where he was quite vocal. "

Before this, the Saudi Arabian Energy Minister praised Prime Minister Modi, saying that in his tenure, it has become easier to do business in India. Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said that Prime Minister Modi is fulfilling the promise of good days in India.