नमाज पढ़कर लौट रहे मुस्लिम लड़के का पुलिस ने काट दिया चालान उसके बाद जो ...

Police did not pay the challan for not wearing a helmet of a youth riding a bike that returned from Jumaa prayers in town Sivalakhas. After this, the police stopped the outside of the shrine and removed the stove and stole it. Druga made a controversial comment on the protest. The anger of the people spread on the people, and the people were scrambling around the guard. Chairpati husband escorted Dorpa in his scorpio and took away from the crowd

At about 2:30 in the town Sivalkhas, Chabki Chashi, in charge, was checking the vehicles near the Budhapir Nullah. During this period, they cut the challan after wearing a helmet of Sheru, who returned from Namaz. Dorga stood outside the religious site and removed Khomchewala. Sticks started on encroachers
It is being told that a stampede occurred and many people were injured in the gutters. The people who came from Namaz resisted it. Allegations that Druga made a controversial remark
Chairperson Hussein Gulzar Chauhan arrived at the information. He took Daroga to his house. A crowd of hundreds of people back and forth. Surrounded by the chairperson's residence. Here the crowd narrated the truth and made many serious allegations. People demanded the removal of the dacoit. Daraoga came down on the melee. Seeing the anger of the crowd, chairperson Husband Daroga left his scorpio and left him in the police station. Sardhana CO Santosh Kumar Singh has assured Durga Dhanvir Singh to be removed from the Siwalkha Chowk