मार्किट में आया यह हैलमेट अब ड्राइविंग के समय इधर-उधर नजर फिराने वालों प...

The world's largest car maker, Ford, has designed a helmet that will read the mind and tell where the driver's attention is wandering. Due to this, not only can driving be improved, but it can also reduce the risk of accidents to a great extent. This helmet is especially useful for people running a racing car

Researchers believe that using this technique, the mind of a driver can be fully understood. After wearing a helmet, this helmet can record all the activities happening in the driver's mind during the carriage. It can figure out how much energy the driver has, how much attention is on driving, how he is breathing. All of them are saved. It also records the mental situations of professional drivers.
From this, it can know where the driver's attention is, what he thinks and how he controls his mother in law. All these information can be helpful in learning better driving for the common man. According to reports, another Ford company 'Ford Performance' teamed up with the Kings College of London to create this technique. These hi-tech helmets have an EEG headset. This headset reads the electrical activities in the brain.