मोदी सरकार का बड़ा फैसला अब गैस सिलेंडर बुक कराने का झंझट हुआ खत्म जान खु...

Most people use gas cylinders for cooking at the present time. But sometimes the gas cylinders become empty due to a lot of problems. But now this problem will be solved because the Modi government has also solved it. The Modi government's decision will give great benefit to those who use gas cylinders.

A new scheme has been initiated by Indian Oil Corporation in which if you need a gas cylinder suddenly, you will get the benefit of this scheme of Indian Oil. Under this scheme, consumers will get 5 kg gas The cylinders will be made without booking. I.e. you will get 5 kilos of gas cylinder easily without the waste of Indian Oil.
Explain that at the time of need, you can purchase 5-kilogram cylinder hands by showing your ID card through any indent distributor or point of sale in the city, for which I will not need to book any further. Given this scheme, gas consumers will be given a lot of relief