हर किसी के खाते में पैसा भेजने की तैयारी कर रही है मोदी सरकार कब हो सकती...

Since the BJP came to power at the Center, the Modi government has taken more than one decision from one to the people of the country. Now the Modi government has started preparations for upcoming Lok Sabha elections. With this, BJP recently got a big setback in elections held in 5 states. Because of which the party is engaged in the churning of this defeat. Of the three major states, BJP has gone to the government and the Congress has formed its own government. All BJP BJP leaders including PM Modi are engaged in identifying the reason behind this defeat.

For information, after the defeat in the Assembly elections, Modi Government is giving a big gift to the public one after the other. In the last 48 hours, the Modi government has made several announcements to give relief to the general public. Meanwhile, another big news is coming up, after knowing who everyone will happily zoom in. Yes, now the government is preparing to send money to everyone's account. Very soon this plan is likely to announce
The Modi government can declare this plan in its final budget ie in February. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley can announce this unique plan. It is named UBI, which is called Universal Basic Income. Under this, the fixed amount will be deposited in the account of every member of the government family. This scheme is being run in many countries of the world, where unemployed people pay some money, so that they can meet their needs. The Modi government is also working on this scheme and has sought a proposal from different ministries to implement it and to whom it should be taken
It is noteworthy that under the Universal Basic Income, the government provides a fixed sum of money to every citizen, people of certain sections such as those living below the poverty line benefit from it. In the year 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. gave the idea of ​​guaranteed income to reduce income inequality. Now the Modi government can declare this big plan by declaring this big plan in its last budget