संजय सिंह का PM मोदी पर वार कहा बिना तीन तलाक़ दिए पत्नी को छोड़ने वालों...

Against those who have given three divorces at one time, the Modi government has shown strictness and has passed the bill in the Lok Sabha in this regard too. Now the bill will be sent to the President after passing it in the Rajya Sabha. With the approval of the President, this bill of three divorces will become law and then legal action can be taken against those who divorced together three. Between them all, politics has been rehearsed over the three divorces. There is a war between the ruling parties and the opposition. In this episode, Aam Aadmi Party leader and Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh has indirectly spoken of a sharp attack on PM Modi on the pretext of three divorced bills. While tweeting a tweet, Sanjay Singh has written that it is wrong to leave the wife by talking to three divorces, then when the three divorces will not be declared against the people who have left their wives?

If it is wrong to leave the wife by talking to three divorces, then when the three divorces say, when the people who have left their wives will become a law?

Government is trying to deter Muslim society: Lion

Let us know that Sanjay Singh said that through this bill the Modi government is trying to frighten the people of Muslim society. He questioned the government's intention and said that the bill that the BJP presented in the House is for creating fear in the Muslim community. Sanjay Singh said that when the Supreme Court declared the three divorces as illegal, then what is the motive of the Modi Government behind it to declare it a criminal? He raised the question whether Hindu, criminal, and Christian have a criminal on divorce? Sanjay Singh Said that the Aam Aadmi Party would oppose this bill in the Rajya Sabha.

Three Divorce Bill Passed In Lok Sabha

Let us tell you that on this tweet of Sanjay Singh, people fervently commented on social media. In the context of women's security, the people told Sanjay Singh and his party's vision and reminded them how the Aam Aadmi Party is full of leaders who have oppressed women. Let me tell that Sanjay Singh has done this tweet after passing the three divorce bills in the Lok Sabha. In fact, the Modi government passed the 'Muslim Marriage Rights Protection Bill, 2018' in the Lok Sabha to stop the three divorces (Divorce-e-Biddat) on Thursday. In favor of this bill 245 votes and 11 opposition votes. During the voting, the Samajwadi Party, Congress, DMK and IADMK walked out of the House.