साऊथ के सुपरस्टार अभिनेता महेश बाबू पर टूटा दुखों का पहाड़ सभी बैंक खाते...

Whenever a superstar is spoken in the South Cinema industry, the name of Mahesh Babu first comes in Javan. Mahesh Babu does not know how many girls are unfounded. Mahesh is so handsome that you can not guess Mahesh's age by looking at his stylish style. But recently the mountains of sorrows have broken down on your favorite Mahesh Babu. It is reported that Mahesh Babu's bank accounts have been made to recover dues for service tax.

The department said on Thursday that Mahesh Babu has not paid service tax for the taxable services on the amount received from the brand ambassador, acting in films and advertisements of products during 2007-08. The total outstanding of these is Rs 18.5 lakh and the GST department has attached the Axis Bank and ICICI Bank accounts of Mahesh Babu for a sum of Rs 73.5 lakh.

Taxes, interest and fines are included in this, a senior official of the GST department said that Mahesh Babu has not received any relief from the Appellate Authority regarding this. The official said, "We have started recovery by charging bank accounts. We got 42 lakh rupees from Axis Bank on Thursday. ICICI Bank will pay on Friday. "

In case of style and look, Mahesh Babu is no less than anyone. In 2013, Mahesh Babu, leaving behind Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman, became the most popular designer of the times while capturing the first place.