अगर आपके पास बिना चिप वाला ATM कार्ड है तो इन बैंकों ने दी बड़ी राहत जान...

After 31st December, non-chip ATM cards will stop working, these reports will surely trouble you, but now you do not have to worry. Because there is a relief news for non-chip ATM card holders.Actually, 31 Non-chip ATM cards will continue to run after December. Especially the State Bank of India i.e. SBI and Bank of Baroda have made it clear that their account holders' ATM cards will continue to work even after December 31.

In order to save the account holders from Fraud through ATM card, bank customers are getting chip ATM cards. They are also being distributed. Banks are giving ATM cards to the account holders in two ways. Some banks are changing the ATM card directly from the branches. These ATM cards are simple, just chip them. All these cards have to be activated in 72 hours. In such a old ATM card itself will be closed.

On the other hand, some bank account holders ATM cards are being printed from the headquarters. On their arrival, the account holders are being mailed to their authorized mobile number or calling the branch. State Bank of India and Bank of Baroda ATM cards are given similarly. Due to the central arrangement for the making of ATM cards, the account holders have not yet received ATM cards.

DGM of Bank of Baroda told that, "Bank of Baroda ATM cards will not be closed yet, they will continue after January 1. The account holders' ATM cards are being given to them."

DGM of State Bank of India told that, "The old non-chip ATM cards will not be closed, whose cards are being created, they are going to be active.