योगी ने मुस्लिमो द्वारा नोएडा पार्क में नमाज पड़ने के बाद लिया तगड़ा फैसला...

In Noida city of Uttar Pradesh, the police announced a major on Monday. In the Sector 58 here, the police has issued an order that Juma prayers will not be open. For this reason, the notice has been issued to all the companies there. This decision has got a big deal. However, as soon as this news reached the Yogi Government, know what the government did.

What is the matter with the police

People working in companies in Noida Sector 58 used to pray namaz in a park there on Friday. In-charge Inspector Pankaj Rai banned reading prayers on the park. Along with this, companies have issued notice to them. Police say that communal harmony can deteriorate in the wake of Lok Sabha elections from any religious activity.

Learn what the Yogi government did when it got the news

The police have said in the notice that there is a ban on reading Namaz in the open. Companies ask their Muslim workers to pray Namaz in their building. Only after the notice, this news came in full media. As soon as this news reached the Yogi Government, the government immediately took this news seriously. Yogi Sarkar's Home Ministry has summoned the report of the entire case with SSP Noida Ajay Pal Singh. Seeing the gravity of the government, the police has come back on the backfoot.