ये है विश्व के सबसे कमजोर देश जिन पर कोई भी देश कभी भी कर सकता है कब्जा ...

There are many countries in the world, some of which are rich, some poor. Today we are going to tell you about the 4 countries of the world which is the weakest, which any country can easily capture.

4. Panama

It is considered the weakest country in the world. It is a weak country in Central America, whose army is one of the world's smallest armies. There are only 13 thousand soldiers in his army. This country has a total of 26 aircraft and 15 helicopters.

3. Morrisis

It is considered the world's third weakest country. It is a beautiful country in the world where millions of people come to visit every year. The total population of this country is 13 lakh. There is no country around this country. There are a total of 2500 Para Military Force in this country.

2. Gambia

It is the second most vulnerable country in the world. The total population of this country is around 20 lakh. Army and Navy exist in this country. There are 1100 soldiers in this country. That is why it is a very weak country.

1. Monaco

It is considered the world's first weakest country. It is considered one of the smallest countries in the world, surrounded by sea on one side and one side from France. This country has a total of 266 soldiers. This is the weakest country on which any country can capture.