मनमोहन पर बनी फिल्म सोनिया गांधी के ये बड़े सच सामने ला सकती है जानकर हो...

The Accidental Prime Minister, created on Manmohan Singh, as soon as the trailer launches on Thursday. The political battle has begun on this. If Congress has prepared to ban the film in its states, it is opposing it before release. This is not the kind of opposition Congress has, but this film can open three big states of Congress and Sonia Gandhi. Let's know what the secret is.

This is the first rule

According to the film trailer and Sanjay Baru's book, the first rule of Congress patron Sonia Gandhi which can open this film is bypassing the big leaders, giving Manmohan Singh a big post like Prime Minister while his name is not in any race. Was there. Because of this, Sonia Gandhi had told her to be honest, but the real reason behind choosing Sonia's son is coming out in this film.

This is the second secret

The film which can open Sonia Gandhi's second rule is to confirm the allegation that is always on the Manmohan Singh government. This is the signal of Manmohan Singh's ten genealogy, that is, Sonia Gandhi's gesture. The film's trailer has been told about the National Advisory Committee created by the Congress, who had snatched their rights in the name of giving advice to the Manmohan Singh government. The president of this committee was Sonia Gandhi herself and Manmohan was not happy with the committee.

This is the third rule

The Accidental Prime Minister who can open the third big secret is a big question which has been unanswered today. It is a question that why Rahul Gandhi was not made the prime minister after 10 years of rule. It has been shown that when Manmohan Singh himself had to resign in front of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul's coronation, he did not allow Rahul Gandhi to become PM then. However, due to this, Congress and Sonia have always told public confidence in Manmohan.

Friends, do you think this movie can give a big electoral benefit to the BJP or not, tell in the comment