इस आदमी को देख दंग रह जायेंगे क्योंकिपानी नहीं अपनी पेशाब पीता है ये वजह...

The name of this man who lives in Britain is Dave Murphy, Dave believes that he uses his urine because he treats it as a therapy. They say that this has given them great benefits. He says that many of my diseases have ended with it.

Let's tell you that the shocking thing is that Dave has been using his urine for the past 6 years. They say that they have got rid of many diseases. But can it really be such that. Dave believes that he had asthma problems and he was very upset. Since then, since he has started drinking urine, he has rest from his asthma. They say that people who have this problem can drink it
Let you know that not only asthma but also their weight too much. By consuming urine, they have benefited greatly and their weight has decreased by almost 50 kilos. You can also take bath with urine. You may also have a shock knowing that Dave does not only drink his urine but he also baths with it.