9 दिन में 100 किलोमीटर का सफर तय कर अपने मालिक को काटने आया कुत्ता वजह ज...

Friends, when the name of loyalty comes, then the name of the animal that comes first is dog. Because the dog is much more loyal to its owner but have you ever heard that a dog who lives to take revenge from his master is strange in listening but is absolutely true

Friends, the go dog of America's New Mexico has traveled about 100 kilometers to cut off its boss. The person named Santiago Martínez goes to Albuquerain every year for a holiday, but this time the person did not take the dog with him because he was fed up with his dog
The person did not realize at all that his dog would be looking to find him on the seashore and that too 9 days later. In fact, 9 days after 100 kilometers away from our owner
Seeing this, the person hugged his dog, but the dog was very angry, he cut the boss. Seeing this, the owner cried, but then the dog roamed around his boss and began to lick him. Her face looked absolutely innocent