PM नरेंद्र मोदी ने सरेआम की कांग्रेस की बेईज़्ज़ती कहा ‘लॉलीपॉप देकर किसान...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday targeted the Congress and described the party as a 'lopipopop company', which is not a real concern for the farmers of the country. Addressing a public meeting in Ghazipur, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister asked people to be cautious of the promises made by the Congress.

He said that after Congress recently conquered Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, the farmers were in debt waiver. "These people will try to entice you with announcements and promises to make short-term benefits, but you will not be able to help them." . "

He said, "The announcements made for immediate benefits can never be meaningful. All these announcements have been made to fool people. "

Referring to the long queues of farmers for the urea in Madhya Pradesh, Modi said that it is an example of the consequences of the hasty promise to get votes.

He said that black marketing in Madhya Pradesh has come to the ground and people have to pay the price of votes for them, who made fake and hollow promises.

Modi also targeted the Congress-backed JD (S) government in Karnataka.

He said that the Congress had promised the debt waiver of the farmers in the state and he formed a government from the back door there, the farmers of the state were cheated.

Modi appealed to people to understand such games and said, "He gave lollipop of debt waiver to farmers, votes were stolen, but so far only 800 farmers have been waived."