नरेंद्र मोदी ने गाजीपुर में भरी हुंकार कांग्रेस को बताया लॉलीपॉप कंपनी र...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the Congress has started appearing in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and the black market has come to the ground.

Modi said in a public meeting after giving a stamp on Maharaj Suheldev in Ghazipur and laying the foundation stone of State Medical College, "What is the fate of tempting measures to collect votes is now visible in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan". Said, "As the government changes, there are now queues for fertilizers and urea. Stones are moving and black marketers have come to the ground.

Modi did not stop here, but told the Congress as a 'lollipop' company. He said, 'Karnataka's promise of debt waiver of lakhs of farmers was promised. Understand this fact, the Congress has just formed a government from the back door in Karnataka. Lollipop was caught. Debt forgiveness was promised. '

He said that millions of farmers had to forgive the debt but how much? 'Tell me ... you will be surprised. Lakhs farmers have been promised debt waiver. Voted and the government was formed from the backdoor. But given only 800 people. How do these promises, how it is playing, how the farmers are being cheated.

The Prime Minister said that the promises made for immediate political gains and those decisions are taken can not be a permanent solution to the problems of the country. 'What happened before the 2009 election, you are all his witnesses. Even before the 2009 election, those who hold similar lollipops promised the debt waiver. Promised debt waiver of farmers across the country. '

He said, 'I want to ask the farmers here that your loan is waived. Did you get any money in your account, did you get any help? '

Modi promised that, then the government was formed but the farmers were forgotten. He asked the crowd, 'Will you trust the Lollipop company?' Will you trust those who deceive and deceive people? Some thieves have slept nights due to the watchman. One day your blessings will come when these thieves will be taken to the right place. '

He said that the farmers had a loan of Rs six lakh crores but after the formation of the government, dramatization was done and the dust in the eyes of the farmers was saddened. There was a loan of six lakh crores and only Rs. 7,000 crores was waived. When the report of CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) came to light, it was discovered that a large amount of money went into the house of those people who were no farmers, who had no debt and who were not entitled to debt forgiveness.