भाजपा नेता द्वारा अखिलेश समर्थक दिव्यांग से बेरहमी पर योगी को आया गुस्सा...

One of the views of BJP's leaders in the Yogi government has become so audacious, on Tuesday, they got to see. In a Sambhal district, when one Divyang talked of voting for Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh, the BJP leader put a stance in his mouth. Let's know which leader he is and what action has the police taken on the order of the Yogi in this case.

First of all know what is the whole case

This case has emerged from Sambhal district. A Divya Mukesh was sloganeering in support of Akhilesh Yadav here. After this, on the road, this news happened to BJP leader Mohammed Mian, he got angry in the face of Divyang. During this time someone made a video that is becoming increasingly viral. Here the BJP leader claims that he was abusing the PM Modi and the CM Yogi in the state of intoxication.

Yogi government strict, recorded case

Yogi Sarkar has become hard on this bullying of BJP leader. In this case, on Wednesday, the BJP leader Mohammed Mian has registered a case of attempt to murder the police. On the leader the police has also installed the SC-ST Act.