भगवान श्रीराम ने किया था सीता परित्याग सीता से दोबारा मिली थी शूर्पणखा औ...

Friends, the story of various events related to Ramayana such as the birth of Sriram, Sita Swayam, Vanadan, Sitarhan, Lankan combustion, Ravana slaughter, returning to Ayodhya of Ram, abandonment of Sita, and love-kush birth etc., almost every countryman knows. Nowadays, many TV channels like Ramayana, Dua Rawa Hik are also being broadcast, but the story that we are going to tell today is not in it. Explain that after the execution of Ravana, Shriram, who became king of Ayodhya, gave up Sita for fear of philanthropy. After this, Sita met again in Surat in the forest.

The story comes that Souraparakha had cursed Ravan's Apocalypse only. The husband of Sravanakha, the sister of Ravana, was the commander of the Raja, When Ravana's war was fought with Kalke, he killed the electricity. Then Swarupacha decided to destroy the mind Ravana.

After finishing the nose of Swaroopaka by Lakshman in Panchavati, the story of Sita Haran by Ravana is known to all, and for the liberation of Sita, Shriram also killed Ravana with all demons. After returning to Ayodhya, there was a public apology from Sita over the rise; Sriram left Sita with the same fear. Then, in the forest, the serpenta was reunited with Sita. He was very pleased to see Sita in the forest. She said that if Shriram rejected me, then you also deserted me. I am very happy about this.

Mata Sita said that how can I think that I love the same way, she loves me as much as she loves me. After listening to this, Shuparka was very sad, she asked Sita how to get her punishment. Sita said that Shriram has got her punishment. Dasaratha son Shriram insulted you, he could not even sleep in peace. Open it with your mind now or else you will one day receive destruction like Ravan.