विश्व का एक मात्र ऐसा देश जहां पर नही बचेगा एक भी मुसलमान खत्म हो रही है...

Friends, Muslim religion is such a religion that the world is spread across every single country. Muslim people consider this religion as the most shiny, you want to go to any country in the world, you will meet Muslim people. There are mostly countries in the world where the number of Muslims is increasing like the explosion of a nuclear bomb. The number of Muslims in India is increasing very fast, whereas in Pakistan, the number of Hindus is increasing very fast.

There is a country in the world where the number of Muslims is going down very fast; if that is so, then the problem of Muslims is going to be very soon. The name of this country is Japan. In this country Muslims are not given citizenship of this country. In any school Urdu language is not used. In this country, no Muslim is given a house to be rented.

In Japan almost 20 years ago, the number of Muslims was more than 10 million. But in the current time only 1.50 lakh Muslims remain in this country, and if this continues, then by 2030 the population of Muslims will end in this country. Its effect is clearly seen in Japan, here Islam religion is slowly ending.