ये फल है बहुत ज्यादा ताकतवर है मर्द और औरत दोनों को करना चाहिए इसका उपयो...

Plum is a seasonal fruit, it happens in a single season. And there will be many kinds of fruits in it. When it is raw, it is of every color and when it gets cooked it becomes red and light brown. This food is quite delicious. Plum is also called Chinese date because it is used in China to make many types of medicines.

It's great for Balo. The nutrients present in this helps to keep Balo in the thick and healthy. It helps in fixing the digestive tract, and along with it helps to cure constipation. It prevents cancer. Nutrition found in this protects us from cancer. Plum has very little fat which helps in reducing your weight.