पंजाब में खुदाई के लिए मंगवाई JCB चलने से पहले ही हो गई बंद फिर अन्दर से...

The matter is of Pekolklan village near Barnala district of Punjab, where the people of the village were very disturbed by the problem of water, to solve this problem, they wanted to construct a pond with the village for which they floated a JCB. JCB stopped after a while and did not recover

After a lot of effort, when the JCB was not able to recover, the villagers called the laborers and asked where to dig. As the laborers were digging the pond, the secrets of that pool were becoming exposed. Then suddenly the laborers saw a tunnel after which the excavation was stopped
As soon as the villagers entered inside the tunnel, they found a water filled pot. Apart from this, there was no such thing there, after which the villagers considered this cave as miraculous and started worshiping
Brijesh, who lives in the village, says that when we saw the tunnel, we were scared, but we got very courageous as we entered. However, we did not get certain things from there. The people of the village have decided to build a religious place on this tunnel