नोएडा में मुसलमानों को नमाज से रोकने पर आया ओवैसी को गुस्सा पहली बार कह ...

Noida's case is catching up on the bottom. In the sector 58 here, the police banned the prayers of the Muslims. Also issued notices to companies present around Sector 58 Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi has also got fired due to the ban on Namaz. He broke the silence for the first time and gave a big statement. Let's learn what Owaisi has to say.

First thing to know

Companies present in Noida Sector 58 received notice. In it there was a ban on zuma prayers in a park. Since then, the whole atmosphere was heated. If the minorities protested against it, the matter was grabbed. Politics has also begun to come out strongly on this issue.

Now know how Owaisi breaks silence

On this issue, Owaisi broke his silence. He said that once a week, prayers can be hampered in peace and harmony. Even after giving notice to the companies, he said that it is illegal. He said how can you make any company responsible for the employee's personal work.