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A year before the Congress party's youth leader Twinkle Dagre came out to take breakfast from home. In the disappearance of Twinkle, BJP leader Jagdish Karasia has been skeptical. According to sources, after approval of the High Court, Indore Police has conducted a Brain Mapping test of Karosia on Monday, whose report will arrive in few days

- Congress leader Twinkle father Sanjay Dagre, Mahesh Yadav lived near the town. Twinkle is missing since October 16. According to the police, he had gone to take breakfast in the morning, but after that he has not returned till date.
Twinkle was studying LLB. According to father Sanjay, he was first associated with the BJP. Shortly before he disappeared mysteriously, he left the BJP and joined the Congress. He was quite active on social media.
- Twinkle's phone was shut down on October 16. On the basis of his call details, the police had questioned more than 40 people. His last location was trace on the Marimata crossroads. Parents had anticipated that BJP leader Jagdish Karasia has a hand in this matter
- Twinkle's parents told the police that after disappearing, he called a new number and informed that he was dropping it under the toilet sheet in a bathroom in the Banganga area. When the police went on the spot with the family, they could not find anything. Since then, police have been considering the case as suspicious. Twinkle's father, Sanjay, had demanded his Narco test while doubting the BJP leader Jagdish Karasia in this matter, while Corusia doubted him, in his reply Sanjay himself He also demanded a Narco test.