मोदी सरकार ने किया ये ऐलान अब रसोई गैस सिलिंडर बुक करवाने का झंझट खत्म....

Many times, when cooking, the gas gets over and then we are booking the gas. The cylinder comes after 2 to 3 days of booking. This makes people a lot of trouble. That's why Modi Government has taken a new solution to the problems of people

If you are waiting for gas pipes in your home, then the Modi government has made a big announcement for you. The Modi government has announced that soon there will be arrangements for pipelines to reach the kitchens in 174 cities of India, after which there will be no hassle for people to supply kitchen gas and booking
Under the 9th CGD Bidding Round, 86 geographical areas have been created by combining many adjacent adjoining districts of the country, which covers more than 22 states. The government is preparing its own for the delivery of LPG from the pipes. Now you do not have to pay money to get a kitchen gas