3 साल की बच्ची के मुंह में रखकर फोड़ दिया सुतली बम देखकर दहल जाएगा आपका दिल

The incident that we are talking about is the incident of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, where a three-year-old girl was blown up by a bomb in her mouth. After listening to the sound of the bomb, the father ran away and took the bloodless unconscious daughter to the hospital, where the doctor took him about 6 stitches. Now there is no danger to the child's life

According to the information received from the police, the three-year-old daughter of Shashikumar, resident of Milk village in Meerut was playing outside the house late Monday evening, only a young man of the village entered his house and kept a twin bomb in the child's mouth. Busted. Because of the bombing, his tongue is cut off
Station officer Prashant Kapil said that the father of the girl is being examined on Tahrir. Action will be taken against the accused after the investigation. Currently the accused is absconding