LIC की ये जबरदस्त पॉलिसी आपको देगी 21,90,000 रुपये बस जमा करने हैं केवल ...

Friends, we can be a common human being for the world. But for them we have the whole world. Which is behind you. That's why a person must make a policy in his life. If anything happens to him, then his family can get support. Because of this, today you are going to tell LIC about a policy whose name is Jeevan Anand, tell that its table number is 815. To take this policy, the person must be 18 years old and the maximum age should be 35 years.

Explain to know that in this policy, you will get a free risk cover of upto Rs 10 lakhs, which will continue till the premium is over. For this, you have to give 4410 rupees every month for 21 years and after 21 years you will get Rs 21,90,000. If the policy holder's death dies during the premium period then the nominee will be paid 12,50,000 rupees within 15 days.
Also, if his death is in an accident. Then the nominee will be paid 22,50,000 rupees in 15 days. Not only this, if the person carrying the policy wants to close his policy after three years, then his premium will be refunded at 7.25% interest rate.
Friends, this policy is being said that it is the best policy for any person till now. Because if a person needs money in the middle, he can withdraw his money. At the same time, the premium does not have to be paid when the insured dies