दुनिया के ऐसे महान और खूबसूरत देश जो हमेशा करते हैं दूसरे गरीब देशों की ...

There are so many nations in the world or say that countries are very powerful and because of their technology, they are popular all over the world and there are also some rich countries who exploit other countries for their selfish interests and under them But today we will discuss about 3 countries of the world, who also help every country in difficult problems.

1 Russia
Friends comes first in the list of Russia's. Russia is considered to be the most powerful country of the world war, and it has a world-wide comparison, so this country has very powerful weapon and Russia is a country that helps other countries in every difficult time. is. Russia has helped Hindustan many times.

2 India

India is considered to be the fourth most powerful country in the world. India is a country which is always ready to remove the difficulties of any country, which neither exploits any country for its own meaning nor does some work for selfishness.

3 Japan

This country full of technology is known all over the world due to its technology. Friends, this country has always helped the poor and talk about the present times, then this country is supporting Hindustan.