अभिनेत्री सोनाक्षी सिन्हा ने अमेजन से मंगाया हेडफोन अन्दर से निकली ऐसी च...

A case of fraud has been found in online shopping with Bollywood's dubbed girl Sonakshi Sinha. Actually, Sonakshi had ordered the headphones of Rs 18,000 online from Amazon a few days ago. But when he got a parcel, he was stunned by the fact that the piece of iron was in that box. They shared pictures of this parcel on Twitter

Sonakshi Sinha wrote in a tweet that "Amazon, I had invoked headphones for myself but see what I found in it, this parcel is fully packed and is not open from anywhere, it is absolutely perfect to see, but only from outside. And your customer service does not want to help me too. What could be worse for me than that?
And he wrote, "Does anyone want to buy a piece of new shiny iron piece of Rs 18,000, he wrote, do not worry, I am not selling Amazon, so you will get what you are ordering.
After this Sonakshi Twitter Twitter, Amazon wrote that we would like to apologize for the experience of contacting our support team. Please share your information here. We will contact you directly