कालूझिंडा में पानी के लिए लोगो में मची हाहाकार एक-एक बूँद पानी के लिये त...

Local people protesting against non-availability of water in Kaluzinda Panchayat (locals)

Due to the supply of water in the Kaluzinda panchayat of Doon Vise area, the population of two thousand people is immensely popular with the drop of water - drop of water. Here the angry women shouted and performed and locked the pump house. Local Pradhan Des Raj, Dr. Ramdas Mehta, Dr. Mahendra Singh Mehta, Ashok Sharma, Rajesh Kumar, Subhash Sharma, Surendra Chauhan, Ravindra Kumar, Gurdeep Chaudhary, Kaushalya, Priyanka, Ward Punch Kaushalya, Poonam Thakur, Anita, Neelam, Sabita, Many people including Sneha, Sonia, Satya Devi, Sushma, Surekha, Surindra, Rita, Neelam, Defense say that Kalujinda Panchayat is an ideal panchayat to say but in reality here People are craving for a drop of water.
The above said that the people of the IPH department and local MLA Paramjeet Singh Pammi had approached the door many times about the problem of water, but there was no hearing from them. Alam is that people of the Panchayat have to drink dirty water of the babies and ponds due to the problem of water. The angry women and other people locked the government handpump on the spot. Pradhan Desaraj and others say that on January 6, during Panchayat Mahanogam, people of Panchayat will protest and present black flags to the administration including the Minister of Social Justice and Cooperation. He said that if the water problem of the people is not resolved soon, the agitation will be made faster by the people of Panchayat.
At the same time, Additional Sd. Abhishek Kapil says that he has an additional charge of Baddi Kaluzinda and today he has received a complaint. He said that the problem of water in Panchayat will be restored within 24 hours.

Case will be investigated
Talking to IPH Minister Mahendra Singh Thakur, he said that the Government is very serious about supply of water and for 10 days people are not getting water in a Model Panchayat is a big deal. The matter will be investigated and necessary action will be taken into force.