भारत का सबसे अविश्वश्नीय सच! पति का सिर गोद में रख कर जिंदा आग में जली 1...

भारत का सबसे अविश्वश्नीय सच! पति का सिर गोद में रख कर जिंदा आग में जली 18 साल की दुल्हन

There are many such traditions associated with the famous country of India for their different traditions throughout the world, due to which India's name has become insignificant in the whole world. One such tradition is 'Sati Petha', which you also know about. Under this practice, the woman whose husband died, does not have the right to live. Whether it was his wish or not, with the help of a husband's aunt, he was burnt alive alive.

Although in the year 1829 itself the British had declared this practice illegal, but still there have been many incidents related to Sati practice in India. In those same incidents, one incident is from Devralala village in Sikar district of Rajasthan. About 31 years ago, an 18-year-old girl named Kunwar was gifted with sati custom

This incident has shattered the whole world. Nana of India was disgraced all over the world. In the case, the deceased woman's relatives had to cut the jail sentence too. But after 31 years of the incident, the stigma attached to the village of Deorraala could not be erased. Section 144 is still in force in the village. In every festival festival, the police's eyes are on the eyes of the villagers.

About 31 years ago, the villagers said that 18-year-old Kunwar was married to Mal Singh Shekhawat, 24 years old. But after 8 months of marriage, Mal Singh died. According to the villagers, after the death of her husband, the form resolved to be sati.

Earlier, the body of Mal Singh's body was removed in the area and the form with the postmortem was also going back and forth. It is said that during the course of the funeral, the form took his husband's head in his arms and sat on a pyre. After that, Mal Singh's brother set fire to Chita; Seeing this, living lady along with the deceased husband also turned into a heap of ashes.

Although this is beyond belief, but some people believe that when the brother of the brother set fire to Chita, then the fire did not catch the fire, after which there was a fire in Chita itself. There are many concrete stories about this incident. However, it is not that Rajasthan has become the sole victim of sati practice Kunwar, but before that, three women have been victims of Sati in different areas of Rajasthan.