शूटिंग के ये सीन देख आप भी कहोगे रजनीकांत नहीं अक्षय हैं '2.0' के असली हीरो

शूटिंग के ये सीन देख आप भी कहोगे रजनीकांत नहीं अक्षय हैं '2.0' के असली हीरो

On Friday, a movie was released at the box office 2.0, which has surprised people from country and abroad. This movie is India's most expensive and best action film ever, superstar Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer. This film has been shown to have such an aggressive action that even Hollywood fans will be able to open their eyes and see them again and again. Within just 4 days, the film has more than 400 crore business and still is not taking the name of its earnings. This movie is earning smoke box at the box office.

Akshay Kumar has been seen playing the role of Villain, a film named 'Bhabiraj'. Akshay is a person who does not make a make-up in real life and he does make some makeup in his films, but for 2.0 he has to make so much make-up that he did not even think about. During the filming of Akshay's make-up, it took hours. Apart from this, the makers used to work on them for hours making them terrible villains.

Acting after making up for hours, acting is very difficult for any actor. Similar to Akshay Kumar, Akshay had to be ready to act even after doing hours of make-up. He has ji for the film, and then the film is going to hit Super Dupar.

Akshay Kumar has become a villain in Bollywood films, but in 2.0, those are unique villains. He has never played such a dreadful character before, so it is very hard for him. Actually, Akshay has played the role of Villain in the film 'Pariaraj', but he has worked harder than Rajinikant for this film, for which he will not be wrong to say hero.