500 बर्ष से बर्फ में दबी हुई थी लड़की,बॉडी में मिले TB के बैक्टीरिया,जब ...

500 बर्ष से बर्फ में दबी हुई थी लड़की,बॉडी में मिले TB के बैक्टीरिया,जब स्किन काटी तो….

Scientist has discovered a mummy in Argentina, who has made many astonishing revelations. On seeing this mummy many scientists have claimed that its death was caused by bacterial infections. Seeing the body of this mummy, hair and skin, a scientist said that seeing this, it seems that its death occurred two-three days earlier. The most important thing is that the doctor has claimed that blood from this mummy will be treated for many serious diseases in today's era.

Manga sign of lungs infection

This mummy was found in good condition, due to which it could be analyzed. Two years ago, Angelique Korthals of Criminal Justice College in City University of New York, analyzing this, explained that after clearing the lips of this mummy when the protein was compared, it was like a patient with respiratory diseases. Blood samples and x-rays were found to indicate lungs infections due to the death of this mummy. The doctor believes that its blood sample will be able to treat many dangerous diseases of today's era.


This Mummy was derived from a volcanic heap of Argentina in 1999 at an altitude of 22000 feet above sea level. On seeing this mummy for the first time, US archaeologist and expedition member Johann Reinhard said that it looked like alive. The Expert team also got lice in its hair. Some Experts believe that this girl was killed by the people as a sacrifice.

Helpful to solve bigger mysteries

Kothels said that with the help of this mummy, we will know the reason for the death of the flame of death in 1918. This Mommy will open many big states of history. With this mummy, scientists will be able to understand the new types of infections agents and the survival of old infectious diseases. Which will prevent future problems