यह किसान मात्र 70 दिनों में कमा रहा 21 लाख...खेती की तकनीक जानकर रह जाएं...

यह किसान मात्र 70 दिनों में कमा रहा 21 लाख...खेती की तकनीक जानकर रह जाएंगे दंग

One to twenty-one ... ie day-to-day progress ... it may be the same for others..but this is true for Khetaji Solanki. Katsaji is a 41-year-old farmer ... growing crops for years It is the first time ... but it is the first time that the roof has been torn off ... In fact, due to the potato crop for three years, the losses of the farmers of DISA have been lost only ... Khetaji Solanki has replaced some of this potato potato farming Thought to do .. And now the place of potato instead Put seeds of melons.

The melon crop in 7 bigha became such that the fate of Khetaji Solanki was opened ... in the 70 days, the amount of melon produced in the field is 140 tons ... whose market value is 21 lakhs..I have only 70 days of Khetaji Solanki unbearable farmer Malalam became a farmer from

Instead of conventional irrigation, Khetaji Solanki adopted drip irrigation, the second solar farm used to pump the electricity bill so that the electricity bill should be reduced, cultivating the cultivating method by means of a machining method i.e. planting the plastic on top of the ground and fixed seeds, And at the same time put the amount of fertilizer in such quantity so that extra fertilizer can not be found. For this, he took the support of YouTube, which he took latest information and also benefited from government subsidies.

The result is in front, ... the sweet melon of the farm of the farm ... for which the buyer arrived from states like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka.

Just seventh, Kshataji chose modern technology for cultivation of fate rather than bashing luck and now seeing other farmers' earnings, other farmers are ready to follow their path.