इस Bike का लुक और डिज़ाइन देख दिवाने हो जाएंगे आप भी,पहले नही देखी होगी ऐ...

इस Bike का लुक और डिज़ाइन देख दिवाने हो जाएंगे आप भी,पहले नही देखी होगी ऐसी बाइक

New bikes are being launched every day in the world market, in which many vehicles have a look which many people keep looking for for many days. Today we are going to tell you about a similar bike, whose look is being discussed in all four ways. This bike has been made by Yamaha Company.

Yamaha is the world's best bike maker. Recently, the company has introduced a unique technology based bike that is being liked very well. Yamaha named this three-wheeler bike as Nicken. The bike was introduced by the company during the motor show this year in Tokyo.

If we talk about this excellent three-wheeler bike Nicken engine, Yamaha has used a luxurious cooled three-cylinder 12 valve engine of the spectacular 847cc. This engine generates a bike of 114 bhp at 10,000 rpm and 87,5 newton meter torque at 8,500 rpm. This engine is equipped with Yamaha 6-speed unique gearbox. Let us know that this bike is based on MT 09.

Let us tell you that this superb Yamaha Nikkeen bike is very much liked in the global market. The look of this bike is enough for the first time to make someone liquefy. This bike is being highly preferred for its superb speed and unmatched driving experience. Tell you that a wheel has been used in the front of this bike and two rear.