मुस्लिम से हिन्दू बने अख्तर अली ने किया खुलासा,मोदी सरकार पर लगाए संगीन ...

मुस्लिम से हिन्दू बने अख्तर अली ने किया खुलासा,मोदी सरकार पर लगाए संगीन आरोप

Akhtar Ali made Muslim from Hindus accused of Modi government

Lucknow. Distressed by the proceedings of the police station of village Baghpat, 13 people have adopted Hinduism, after which the discussion has started happening across the country.

According to media reports, the matter is from Badrakhan village of Chhaproli police station where people of Muslim Jogi family have cleared Hinduism, Akhtar Ali, who converted the religion, told news agency ANI that his name was Akhtar Ali. He has converted his religion to accept Hindu religion. Akhtar Ali said that the main reason behind the conversion of religion was to act on the behest of the local police's arbitrariness and dabango.

Akhtar Ali said that the police did not investigate in our case impartially, even the people of our community did not support us. Ali said that Modi is not hearing any of the Muslims in India, so he has been forced to accept Islam by accepting the religion of Islam.

Actually, Akhtar Ali's son used to do the trade of clothes. In July, the body of his son Gulshan Ali was found hanging on the peg in his own shop. The family members alleged that some of the oppressed people of Muslim society had slaughtered the body on the peg after killing him, but the police did not listen to him and recorded the murder in the suicide and buried the body forcibly.