मुस्लिमों ने लाउडस्पीकर से की अजान,तो पुलिस ने मस्जिद को किया सील

मुस्लिमों ने लाउडस्पीकर से की अजान,तो पुलिस ने मस्जिद को किया सील

Hello friends, A few days ago, there was a lot of rage in Namahaj in the open in Gurugram adjacent to Delhi. On the complaint of the local people, the local administration had banned reading Namaz in the open. Because of which politics was also seen.

Let me tell you now the matter of sealing a mosque in the same gurmagram has come out. It is being told that the municipal corporation of Gururgram has sealed a mosque of the city. The municipal corporation has taken this action from the loudspeaker on the complaint of local people against Ajan.

Tell the people unhappy with the municipal action when people tried to read Namaz on the road outside the mosque, the police stopped people even after reading Namaz. After which the angry people sat in protest. But later the police deemed them out and removed them from there.

Let me tell you that this dispute is of the Sita colony. Where the Namaj was being studied for many years in a 3-storey building. People of Muslim community call this three-story house as Madina Mosque. While the administration is saying this construction has been done in a restricted diary of 300 km of an ammunition depot of Indian Air Force. In fact, according to the municipal corporation, this mosque has been made illegally.

This dispute began when the Hindu organizations present there had lodged a complaint in the police a few days ago that this is just a three-story building which has been converted into a mosque and it is being spread by the loudspeakers on the Ajan disturbed by local people. Has been doing. Since the complaint, the environment was heated. The situation of riots in people was about to happen that the police recommended action against the corporation on the complaint. After that on 12th September i.e. the municipal team sealed this mosque by reaching there about an hour before the prayer.

Let us know that after the proceedings, the allegations and reactions between the two communities started there. But it is being told that the municipal corporation has sealed the 10 other houses along with this mosque as well. Friends, tell us what you want to say about this in the comment box below.